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About me

I am a postdoc with the Centre for Hydrology and Global Water Futures (GWF) at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have an interest in hydrological modelling and related fieldwork and I am currently working on the next generation core modelling group developing the Canadian Hydrological Model (CHM).

In my free time I take photos of wildlife and nature with my wife which you can see here: marsh.photos

Academic interests


I can be contacted at chris.marsh (at) usask.ca or through LinkedIn.


The Canadian Hydrological Model (CHM) is a modular unstructured mesh based approach for hydrological modelling. It can move between spatial scale, temporal scale, and spatial extents. It is designed for developing and testing process representations for hydrological models. Further details can be found on github


Mesher is a multi-objective unstructured mesh generation software that allows mesh generation to be generated from an arbitrary number of hydrologically important features while maintaining a variable spatial resolution. Triangle quality is guaranteed as well as a smooth graduation from small to large triangles. Including these additional features resulted in a better representation of spatial heterogeneity versus classic topography-only mesh generation. Further details can be found on github


I have my code hosted on Github.

My StackOverflow profile can be found here.

Other work

Worked on:

Selected publications

Marsh, C. B., V. Vionnet, and J. W. Pomeroy. Windmapper: An Efficient Wind Downscaling Method for Hydrological Models. Water Resources Research, 59(3), 2023. [ DOI ]

Marsh, C. B., P. Harder, and J. W. Pomeroy. Validation of FABDEM, a global bare-earth elevation model, against UAV-lidar derived elevation in a complex forested mountain catchment. Environmental Research Communications, 2023. [ DOI ]

Marsh, C. B., V. Vionnet, and J.W. Pomeroy. The Canadian Hydrological Model: A New Way to Estimate Snowpacks in the Canadian Rockies. The Avalanche Journal,, Winter, 2022.

W. J. M. Knoben, M. P. Clark, J. Bales, A. Bennett, S. Gharari, Marsh, C. B., B. Nijssen, A. Pietroniro, R. J. Spiteri, G. Tang, D. G. Tarboton, and A. W. Wood. Community Workflows to Advance Reproducibility in Hydrologic Modeling: Separating Model-Agnostic and Model-Specific Configuration Steps in Applications of Large-Domain Hydrologic Models. Water Resources Research, 58(11), 2022. [ DOI ]

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N.R. Leroux, Marsh, C.B., and J.W. Pomeroy. Simulation of Preferential Flow in Snow with a 2D Non-Equilibrium Richards Model and Evaluation against Laboratory Data. Water Resources Research, 56, 2020.

Marsh, C.B., J.W. Pomeroy, and H.S. Wheater. The Canadian Hydrological Model (CHM) v1.0: a multi-scale, multi-extent, variable-complexity hydrological model – design and overview. Geoscientific Model Development, 13(1):225--247, 2020. [ DOI ]

Marsh, C.B, J.W. Pomeroy, R.J. Spiteri, and H.S Wheater. A Finite Volume Blowing Snow Model for Use With Variable Resolution Meshes. Water Resources Research, 56(2), 2020. [ DOI ]

N.E. Wayand, Marsh, C.B., J.M. Shea, and J.W. Pomeroy. Globally scalable alpine snow metrics. Remote Sensing of Environment, 213:61--72, 2018. [ DOI ]

Marsh, C.B, R.J. Spiteri, J.W. Pomeroy, and H.S. Wheater. Multi-objective unstructured triangular mesh generation for use in hydrological and land surface models. Computers & Geosciences, 119:49--67, 2018. [ DOI ]

Marsh, C.B., J.W. Pomeroy, and R.J. Spiteri. Implications of mountain shading on calculating energy for snowmelt using unstructured triangular meshes. Hydrological Processes, 26(12):1767--1778, 2012. [ DOI | http ]

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